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Pointer Maritime University 

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               Live in Person at the Clubhouse

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One of the main differences between OPCYC and most other Yacht Clubs is the vibrant and ambitious training program called Pointer Maritime University, or "PMU."  The curriculum is geared to appeal to the entire membership with classes for motor and sail skippers, crew and other enthusiasts with a smattering of safety, maintenance, cruising, fishing, boat handling, and even local maritime history.  Basically, if it is boating-related, we do it.  Since we conduct classes on Saturday mornings during the winter and early spring, In a “normal year”, PMU provides our membership a ready-made opportunity to socialize during the off-season.  In fact, we probably see more of each other during PMU events than during the boating season.  PMU has attracted a growing number of attendees - we typically have attendance totaling over 100 different students each year.​ This year’s slate of PMU lectures will be different, driven by the COVID pandemic necessity to minimize the spread of the virus by limiting social gatherings to ten people. Our response to this challenge is to go virtual and host all of our PMU program this year on ZOOM.

Here is just a smattering of major topic areas:

  *  Boating Safety

  *  On-Water Medical Care

  *  Boat Handling Under Sail & Power

  *  Electronics - all the new stuff & how to take care of them

  *  Sail Trim

  *  Taking Care of Your Engine & Transmission

  *  Cruising Experiences

  *  Racing Rules & Racing Tactics

  *  Fishing

  *  Nautical Traditions and History


We are blessed with highly qualified instructors, some of whom are members, others who are just willing to come in and share their expertise.  And while we do not grant sanctioned course completion ratings, you can't beat the price:  FREE with your club membership.

We will conduct all of this year’s classes virtually using Microsoft TEAMS online meeting software. All of our classes are planned to be held on Saturday mornings from 0930-1200. The schedule of classes will be posted on the OPCYC calendar. Announcements will be made on the OPCYC Facebook page and broadcast email notifications. Specific details on logging in to the PMU TEAMS meeting will be detailed in "The Helmsman," and on the OPCYC PMU website.

2023 Sessions:
all begin at 9:30 AM (unless otherwise posted)
The PHRF Handicapping System

Alan Bomar will explain how the handicapping system allows different sized boats to compete fairly on the same course at the same time.

Saturday, Jan 28, 2023

Trans-Atlantic Planning

Steve Runals - will explain all that's involved in planning for an Ocean Crossing of the North Atlantic.

Saturday, Feb 4, 2023

ARGO Navigation App, Jeff Houlk


Saturday, Feb 11, 2023

ORC Racing System

Randy Goodman

Saturday, Feb 25, 2023

Boater Safety Course

Norm Effinger will be conducting Boater Safety Class. Even if you already have your boater safety certification, this is a good refresher.

Sunday, Mar 5, 2023

Spinsheet Magazine

Tentative - Watch here for details..

Saturday, Mar 18, 2023

Maritime History of the Peninsula

The Story of the Hampton One Design

Saturday, Mar 25, 2023

Radio Controlled Sailboat Racing

Derek Landeau

Saturday, Apr 1, 2023

Easter Weekend - No PMU

Saturday, Apr 8, 2023

Weather Flow Tempest App

Jay Titlow

Saturday, Apr 29, 2023

HRBT - Project Update

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Man Overboard Demo

Tentative pending weather

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Mark Wheeler
Mark Wheeler

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Racing Team
Racing Team

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Mark Wheeler
Mark Wheeler

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