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Club How To's

I am not receiving emails that other pointers are receiving. What do i need to do to be included?

There are three mailing lists that the club maintains:

  • one for all members

  • one for Pointer Maritime University

  • one for racing enthusiasts


To add yourself to one or more of the lists, click here >Mailing Lists  or the link below HOME in the main menu bar, scroll down to find the list to which you wish to be added, then click 'join our mailing list.'


You will receive a confirmation email. Be sure you click the link in the email. If you don't, you won't be added to the list.

I am once again in need of a new Burgee. Please advise how to get one.

Standard size (boats under 40 feet) burgess are $30; Large size (boats over 40 feet) $35. Send a check made payabe to 'OPCYC', to:

P.O. Box 3369
Hampton, VA 23663-0369

Be sure to include a note with your name and what you're looking for! :-D

Who do I contact regarding payment of club dues? I know that mine must be due.

The very last page of your paper OPCYC calendar is a membership application form, which can be used to join OPCYC or to pay your annual dues.

This form can also be found by clicking on the  “Join Club” link at the top of the home page of the OPCYC web site.

Mail this in with your check to:

P.O. Box 3369
Hampton, VA 23663-0369

Website How-To's

How do I register for the site?

Registration to this site is open to members of the Old Point Comfort Yacht Club. If you are interested in joining, click on the Join Club link at the top of the HOME page. If you are a member, click on the Members link. Register for the site by entering a login and password, or by clicking on the Google or Facebook links to use your identity for those services to log onto this site. Once you fill out that form, your information will be sent to the webmaster, who will check your information against the current user list. If your email address is found, you will be sent a confirmation email. You will then log into the site. If you didn't use your Facebook or Google login, you will be sent a confirmation email with a link. Clicking that link confirms your email address and is the last step for getting on the site.

I can't find X, which was on the old site.

We have saved all the files and photos that were on the old site. If you can't find something you're looking for, let us know and we can probably send you a link for it. It will help if you can remember where and when you saw it.

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