The Helmsman

All you alert readers who noticed that I said “2019” last month instead of “2020,” pop your chests out! An extra ration of grog for all those who caught it!


They say that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb… I think I would prefer something like the average between them, but after a long winter, I’ll take what I can get. I have been enjoying the few really nice days we have had, and have been thrilled to watch the late winter budding of leaves and the early flowering of Bradford Pears, plums, paperwhites and daffodils, even during the recent little snowstorm. I’ve been down to the boat to putter around a bit and am waiting for that rare 70 degree day when I can call a couple of friends and go out for a sail.


Even in the throes of late winter, your friends at OPCYC are busy setting you up with fun and interesting things to do: The Sea Scouts, with some help from Social, did a fabulous job with the Valentine’s Day Party. Great food, great atmosphere. The Social crew arranged the trip to the Commodore for “1917” and are making preparations for the St. Patrick’s Day party this month. The clubhouse cleanup and the blessing of the Fleet and sock burning are not far behind. Meanwhile, PMU is in full swing, having had classes on sailing with the Vikings, dealing with a major fire on board, buying or selling a boat, and a great field trip to visit the CVN 78 Ford and the fast attack sub New Mexico. We were blessed with a clear, cool day for the field trip and were shown extensively around both ships by friendly, helpful guides. Kudos to the PMU guys and thanks again to Brian Riggs for making the arrangements. Look in the Social and PMU pages for more information about what we did last month and what we have in store for March.


Although we haven’t done any cruising or racing yet, I know that there is a lot going on in both arenas. The folks responsible for those programs are busy planning and preparing for a great season as you read this. I can hardly wait!


And just a note in passing: When you see a new member in the clubhouse or hanging around the dock, take a moment to say hi to them and ask them if they are going to the (insert name of OPCYC event here). We have always been the friendliest club on the Bay, and it shows in how we treat our newest members who may not yet have met many of the old-timers in the club.