The Helmsman

I was wrong, totally wrong, about the coronavirus. In April, I thought we’d be over with it by May, June at the latest. In June, I thought the summer would kill it. In mid-summer, I thought by September at the latest. Now, I’m not so sure that it will ever end. With that in mind, we have planned for a way to hold some events even under the most severe social distance rules. PMU classes are traditionally held January through April in a classroom setting, but this year, you’ll be able to attend classes from the comfort of your home in your sweatsuit or PJs, through the miracle of technology and the Internet. We have a subscription to Microsoft Teams, which is similar to Zoom, but without any link to China. If you want to
attend a class, Email our PMU Dean, Keith Midgette. You’ll get an Email from him with the link to click on. You can log in from your browser by simply clicking on the link. But if you want really high resolution, download the free Teams App. You only need to do it once, and then you can log in through the Teams App.


Our racers, cruisers, and social staff can also use Teams to hold meetings. Speaking of racing, you’ll note that we held our annual “Freeze Your Buns” Dana Dillon Memorial New Year’s Day Race. This is our last until almost summer. Read more in the Racing News.


Once more we are locked in at Cape Charles for our annual Memorial Day extravaganza and even more cruises. I am not aware of all the details – I believe that most of them have not yet been worked out – but judging from what I am hearing about our 2021 cruising program, I am pretty sure we’ll have some great cruises this year.

Parties? When we’ll have our Commodore’s Ball and other parties, I simply do not know. I guess it all depends. What I do know is that the Sea Scouts are planning a “carry-out” Valentine’s Day Celebration! Read more about it elsewhere in this issue.

Folks, this is my last epistle to you as Commodore. Tim will take over from here. I wish you all fair winds and following seas!
- Jeff