The Helmsman

We are struggling to remain relevant, and I am struggling to remain sane. The last of my Camellias bloomed in April, my Dogwood and three types of Azaleas have come and gone along with the Crab Apples; my Rhododendron had their usual flashy two weeks, and we are now into the summer blooms. My Roses are doing great and already producing showy blooms, and the Magnolias are bursting out all over with those huge fragrant white blossoms. But I need to get out of the yard and on the water with friends! Solo sailing is very nice on a beautiful day. I went out on Saturday the 16th, a glorious sunny day with light wind and saw about ten sailboats in the Bay that day. More than half of them turned out to be Pointers out on their own boats - Barry and Judy Creighton on Crew Rest, Steve Runals  on Gypsy Lady, Ron and Sue Leta on Starchaser, Mark and Sue Radler on Merlin, Mike
Hollsten on Sirenian, along with me on Halaha. It was good to see our folks out there. Solo sailing is OK, but it is always way mo' better with friends on the boat. 

Is anyone else competing with JD and I in the Coronabeard contest? Although Michael Turner had a long head start, JD and I are on my way to catching him. It is coming in sort of "Salt & Pepper", however it seems to be mostly salt. Check out my picture above. For you historians, I am going for a "John Bell Hood" look. 

The OPCYC racing program will start on June 27th, just about a month from now. We decided to delay the start of the racing season until we were fairly sure that the Governor would not come after us. The cruising scene is already upon us. We have several boats going to various destinations, but none as "official" OPCYC cruises as yet. Walt has been trying to find out from you who is going where, and when. If you drop Walt a line and tell him about your cruising plans, he would like to try to help coordinate other boats that might be going the same way about the same time. It's always fun to cruise in pairs, triplets, or more. As I understand it, we had at least one boat - Chuck and Donna Eckmann on Frivolous Endeavor - go to Cape Charles for Memorial Day, and one intrepid couple, Bob and Pixie Killebrew, made a day trip there by land yacht. I’m sure there were others enjoying the weekend as well, I just do not know who they were. Tracy is planning to have our first OPCYC party in July, outdoors, probably on the beach next to the clubhouse. She is also
arranging for awnings or tentage to provide shade. This will probably be a "bring your own, cook your own" arrangement because of Covid-19 concerns. We'll provide the grill and various drinks. Look for details in the racing, cruising and social columns in this issue. 

I am anxious to see declining numbers of cases and the reopening of our favorite venues, perhaps with slightly modified rules. I look forward to seeing you on the water and at an OPCYC event soon!