The Helmsman

As your incoming Commodore for 2019, I'd like to wish every one of you a healthy and happy New Year! I would also like to extend my thanks to JD and last year's board of officers for what they did for the club last year. It's a trite saying, but nonetheless it is quite
true: It will be a hard act to follow. But since we have a nice blend of new blood on the board as well as experienced board members who are either staying on or moving up to a new position, we'll do our best to bring you more of the fun on the water and ashore that
you have become accustomed to.


We have already had our Roaring '20s Commodore's Ball and PMU has already held three interesting and informative sessions, so we are already well under way for this year. I am really looking forward to more PMU sessions including the upcoming field trip to
the carrier Ford and a nuclear sub at the Navy base. If you haven't signed up yet, see the PMU column in this issue and get yourself on the list. They can handle a bunch of people but there is an upper limit, of course. Thanks to Brian Riggs for helping Peter and Carl
with the arrangements. See, you don't need to be on the Board of Officers to make a difference to the club! Speaking of the Commodore's Ball, I can't remember when the club membership looked so good! Apparently the fashions of the 1920s look good
again in the 2020s!

I am also looking forward to the Valentine's party, the Spring Party, the Blessing of the Fleet and to the annual takeover of Cape Charles in late May. And for those of you who know me, you know that I am really looking forward to getting back to racing. 


I do have one thing to ask of you, the members: Although we are smack in the middle of winter, probably with some really nasty weather yet to come, it's not too late to be thinking of September. GET READY TO WIN THE CUP BACK! I've been in this chair twice before and haven't had to give it away yet. If you own a boat with a mast on it, we'll find you a bed sheet and some clothesline and you can race for us in September.