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Not Your Usual Travelogue: Going Around the World in a Sailboat

John Bouma bought a boat, a used Little Harbor 51, in January of 2016.

At that time, still had a job and a wife. He retired in June 2016.

Then in November 2016 he left Norfolk to make a circumnavigation.

18 Months and 27201 miles later, he arrived back in Norfolk in April of 2018. Most of the trip was made singlehanded.

He'll be here to tell the story THIS Saturday, February 16th.

The story is not your typical travelogue with lots of pretty pictures... this is a story about overcoming a host of challenges - pretty much every challenge you might think of, and then a few more. Though it does involve watching a naked Zulu lady in South Africa get bathed in chicken blood to prepare her for marriage, and a wrestling match (a serious wrestling match) with another lady in Mauritius.

It is also the story of three broken shrouds - not a good omen in 20 foot seas.

Want more action? How about three encounters with present-day pirates?

Want a challenge? Before this trip, John had never, ever cooked a thing. He anticipated living on canned food for the whole trip. It didn't quite work out that way.

Another challenge? How about when your autopilot quits in the middle of the Indian Ocean and you are alone?

If you want to hear this compelling story, come to the Ft. Monroe Community Center, 100 Stillwell Drive, at 9:30 AM Saturday 16 Feb.

Track of "3/4 Time"

Google "Ft. Monroe Community Center" or Google Map it, or see the map below.

PMU for Saturday 16 February: Sailing Around the World, by John Bouma, USN (Ret)

Ft. Monroe Community Center, 100 Stillwell Drive, Ft. Monroe VA.

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