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John and Betty are retired and have lived in Fort Monroe since 2013. They are both Fort Monroe volunteers, and John is a volunteer Timekeeper for the Post Office tower clock (1898). John's mechanical engineering career included deep ocean Navy and other government projects, 1 patent and several patent disclosures, and then factory automation in several global locations.

Here is a link to a YouTube video showing their solar houseboat conversion project:

Here is a great link to a site on LiFePO batteries:

(long story short: do not float charge, store at 50%)

Yamaha F100 carbs, removed as an assembly (replaced the pilot jets. Made a tremendous improvement!):

The pilot jet is shown below (one pilot jet in each of the 4 carbs). There is a 4 mm hole through the center, much smaller than the holes you can see here (about the diameter of a bread wrap wire). Very small amounts of corrosion or deposit buildup can cause major problems. The difference in how it runs now is amazing!

John Doucette

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