Pointer Maritime University

One of the main differences between OPCYC and most other Yacht Clubs is the vibrant and ambitious training program called Pointer Maritime University, or "PMU."  The curriculum is geared to appeal to the entire membership with classes for motor and sail skippers, crew and other enthusiasts with a smattering of safety, maintenance, cruising, fishing, boat handling, and even local maritime history.  Basically, if it is boating-related, we do it.  Since we conduct classes on Saturday mornings during the winter and early spring, PMU provides our membership a ready-made opportunity to socialize during the off-season.  In fact, we probably see more of each other then than during the boating season.  PMU has attracted a growing number of attendees - we expect well over 100 different students this year.

Here is just a smattering of major topic areas:

  *  Boating Safety

  *  On-Water Medical Care

  *  Boat Handling Under Sail & Power

  *  Electronics - all the new stuff & how to take care of them

  *  Sail Trim

  *  Taking Care of Your Engine & Transmission

  *  Cruising Experiences

  *  Racing Rules & Racing Tactics

  *  Fishing

  *  Nautical Traditions

  *  Field Trips to Area Nautical Sites

We are blessed with highly qualified instructors, some of whom are members, others who are just willing to come in and share their expertise.  And while we do not grant sanctioned course completion ratings, you can't beat the price:  FREE with your club membership.

We will conduct most of the classes in our clubhouse on Fort Monroe from 0930-1200.  Additionally, we occasionally plan a field trip and on-water classes.  So watch the announcements for details in "The Helmsman," on the OPCYC website and individual email notifications.

Round the Wold Weather Routing and Finding Friendly Port

John Peterson provided John Bouma with up to date weather forecast while sailing around the world by using all readily available apps and websites.  How to find fuel in far away places.

Boat Performance Potpourri

Tim Etherington will present a variety of topics related to boat performance.

CANCELED: Learn How to Make Eye Splices

Norm Effinger will teach making splices, a helpful skill to save money when making dock lines or halyards.

Mark Wheeler